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799866 Carburetor

799866 Carburetor

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    This is an authentic OEM replacement part used on lawn and garden engines. The purpose of this part is to mix air and gas before the fuel mix goes to the engine. This Carburetor is a auto-choke system.If the engine won't start and the tank is full of fresh fuel, test the carburetor by removing the air filter and pouring about a teaspoon of fuel into the carburetor. Pull the starter rope. If the engine starts and then quickly dies, the carburetor is likely the problem.This assembly includes a metal body carburetor, rubber o-ring and a gasket. When replacing carburetor it is advised that you also replace carburetor gaskets to ensure proper air tight seal for optimum performance. You will need a screwdriver to perform this repair. This Carburetor is used in Engines.

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799866 Carburetor
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